Friday, October 9, 2015

Council Recommends Finalists for Art Installation

At the Wednesday October 7th Caucus meeting of Narberth Borough, Council passed a motion to engage three artists to develop final presentations to the Community and Council. Each artist will be granted a $1,000 stipend for this work. The artists selected are:

Amy Kann
Ava Blitz
The Traction Company

We are excited for the next steps and thank all the talented artists who submitted their applications. You can click on the link to the right to view all of their submissions. We also thank our consultant Todd Bressi for casting a wide net and helping the Borough through this selection process.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Narberth Bridge Public Art Project

Questions received and answered, as of September 4

Please note that the receipt deadline for qualifications has been extended until September 14.

I am definitely interested in the project. However, I haven't worked in cast stone before. If you thought that was not a deal breaker, I would certainly apply. What do you think?
Not a deal breaker. We can refer the artist to qualified fabricators. The question would be whether you are confident that you can think three-dimensionally, in relief, and work with the fabricator to produce a mold. The play of light and shadow will be an important component of the success of the artwork..

Does this budget allow for adequate artist fee?
We’ve been in touch with artists and fabricators who do this work. We believe that there are fabrication processes that will allow for an adequate artist fee. Artists are free to use their own fabricators, or choose from a list of fabricators that we can provide them with.

Would the relief have to be made of multiple panels?
The relief is such a size that for fabrication purposes it would need to be designed as separate panels. The exact number of panels would be determined through discussion with artist and fabricator. Each panel could have a unique design, or the designs could repeat from panel to panel, depending on the artist’s concept.
The design would be up to the artist, in discussion with the fabricator.  Our price estimates assume no repeat patterns, but if there were repeat patterns, that would reduce the cost of the mold.

Is the cast stone medium a poured concrete? May we also submit a design proposal with cut stone?
The cast stone medium we are looking at could be poured concrete or tamped concrete. Though we have a fabricator in mind, we are open to considering fabricators proposed by the artist.
We would be open to cut stone, but only if it can be accomplished within our published budget, and only if it can meet the technical requirements for weight and installation.

Would it be possible for me to partner / collaborate with a local artisan who can produce the actual panels?
We can refer artists to fabricators would be able to work with any artist who doesn’t have their own fabricator in mind. These fabricators could assist with all facets of the project, from taking a drawing and turning it into a mold to actually producing the stone.  To be clear, all fabrication costs, including production of molds, must come from the $35,000 budget, and we are expecting the artist to contract for all fabrication services.

Does the cast stone process allow for color?
Fabricators we have consulted with have indicated that artists can specify different aggregate mixes, add-mixes of tints, or stains for the relief after it is produced. While all of these are technically feasible, they will add to the cost of the project, and the artist will be responsible for completing the project within the $35,000 budget.

Can the project incorporate mosaics?
To be clear, this is envisioned as a bas relief project, not specifically as a mosaic project. For budget and aesthetic reasons, we felt that mosaics might not be the best approach. 
However, in the concept phase of the selection process, an artist would be free to propose mosaic inlays, which would then be evaluated in the review process. The artist should be prepared to discuss not only the design concept but also the long-term stability and maintenance of mosaics set into cast stone.
Also, as noted above, the artist would be required to ensure the project is completed within budget.

Is this call to artists open to artists from outside the United States?

This is an open call. However, all artists must have legal status to work in the United States (citizenship, green card, visa, etc.) Also, artists must also be available to fulfill other requirements of the process, which require a repeated presence in Narberth.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Deadline for application extended to September 14th

The request for qualifications haven't changed but we've added ten days to the deadline for submission of materials. We've uploaded the new RFQ linked on this page but the only change is the due date.

Good luck and thank you...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

RFQ - Call For Artists!

Calling All Artists

The Borough is pleased to announce a request for qualifications available here. The South Narberth Avenue Bridge is being replaced and there is an opportunity for the bridge to include two cast stone panels as detailed in the RFQ.

Request for Qualifications: Narberth Bridge Public Art
The Borough of Narberth, Pa., is seeking an artist to create a site-specific, integrated artistic enhancement in conjunction with the construction of the new Narberth Avenue bridge. The budget for the project, which will consist of two cast-stone bands on either side of the bridge, will be $35,000. Responses must be received by September 4; artist interviews and selection will occur in fall, 2015; and the project must be completed by September, 2016. The full Request for Qualifications can be obtained after July 15 from or by contacting

Narberth Borough